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Revised 9 July 2015

Shipping and Customs Information

Order Priority:

  • Orders are normally filled in the order they are received, however;
  • Emergency orders from existing customers and warranty repairs have first priority.
  • We endeavor to fill all orders as fast as possible, but circumstances occasionally may cause delays.


  • All prices shown on this web site are in US dollars.
  • Prices do not include shipping costs and insurance, unless otherwise stated.
  • Payment methods accepted are PayPal, checks, US$ money orders, and Western Union money transfers.
  • If you are not using PayPal for payment, please contact us for your order total before remitting payment.
  • If you have any questions about what you need to order, please contact us before sending and payments.


  • All shipments to the USA, Canada, Mexico and most other regions of the world are made by US Priority Mail or US PRioriry Express Mail.
  • Shipping elsewhere, please inquire about shipping costs before placing your order.
  • Whenever possible, all shipments will be insured for their full value. If you decline insurance, then we will accept no responsibility for the delivery of your order.
  • Payments made through PayPal will usually default to a higher shipping charge than is correct. Excess shipping charges will be refunded to your PayPal account after your order has shipped.

International Shipments:

Import Fees, Taxes and Duties:

International customers should be aware that there may be a tax, duty, tariff, or import fee charged upon delivery of your order. It is your responsibility to pay these charges. If you are unsure of the amount of fees or duties that you may be liable for, then please contact your country’s customs office before placing your order with us.

Customs Paperwork:

Since the attack on the United States on 9/11, the United States government has taken a hard stance on international export shipments. As a business, we are required to comply with these regulations under penalty of law. We hope you will understand our position.

Our policy with regard to customs forms for international shipments is as follows:

1) We will provide the necessary United States customs paperwork and required documentation for international shipments.

2) All international shipments will be declared at their ACTUAL VALUE as is required by United States customs laws and federal regulations.

3) A correctly priced invoice will be enclosed inside the shipping container, and a duplicate copy of the invoice will be included along with the customs forms that are attached to the exterior of the shipping container.

4) Please do not ask us to falsify our customs documents by marking your shipment as a gift or declaring a low monetary value on your shipment.

Undervaluing of Shipments:

We do not undervalue shipments, because;

1) It's the law.

2) In the event that your shipment is lost, if we undervalue your shipment then you are required to carry the entire loss because we would be unable to collect shipping insurance.

3) Because this is an international shipment, customs and postal officials will become involved in verifying the loss of your shipment, which may result in legal problems.

Under United States law, we are bound by the following regulations:

1) The declared customs value on an international shipment must be the transactional or sale price for the contents of the shipment if it is being sold.

2) If the international shipment is not being sold, such as when the item is a gift or a sample, then the declared value must be the fair market value of the item(s).

3) The fair market value is the price that a seller would get from a buyer for the contents of the shipment if it were to be sold on the open market.

4) Nominal, reduced, falsified, or “adjusted” cost values are not acceptable for customs declaration. Using nominal, reduced, falsified, or “adjusted” cost values may result in customs fines and/or seizure of the entire shipment. Note that penalties to the purchaser may also result.

5) All international shipments are subject to inspection and value verification by US government agents.

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